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Maine Coon Cat Facts  The Maine Coon Cat is known for its large size, easygoing temperament, and rugged appearance.   Maine Coon Catís are also known as the "gentle giant" of the cat family.  Maine Coon Females typically weigh 9-14 pounds.  Maine Coon Males weigh 13-19 pounds with some males exceeding 20 pounds.  Weight ranges do not count if  your Maine Coon is carrying around a few extra love handles.  Luckily, the Maine Coon Cat does not tend to be overweight when fed a high quality, high protein, lower carb cat food.  A Maine Coon's long hair does not need much grooming. A twice weekly combing is usually all that is required to keep the fur in top condition.  The Maine Coon is America's only native long-haired cat, well suited to withstand the harsh New England climate. We recommend that all Maine Coons be kept indoors, however they may love your screened in porch in the middle of winter! Home Males Females Kittens Health Retired Maine Coon Top Ten   My Top Ten Favorite Things about Maine Coons  10. They are amusing home bug exterminators.  9. They are larger than most celebrities' dogs.  8. Their long thick fur makes an excellent hand warmer on cold winter nights.  7. Amazing motor boat impersonations (purrrrrrr).  6. They love water like a labrador.  5. Available in a rainbow of colors  4. They trill.  3. Unlike some breeds, they come when called and want to be on you, around you, over you, under you...  2. They are the perfect bathroom companions- sink, shower and more.  1. EAR TUFTS!!
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